September 2021 Business Meeting Minutes – Approved

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Meeting Minutes
Libertarian Party of Brevard
Meeting held on 9/20/2021
Cape Royal Professional Business Center
1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 330, Cocoa Beach

  1. Call to Order
    The regular business meeting of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, Fl. was called to order at approximately 6:40 PM by Chair – Brian Fleming
  2. Present:
    Executive Committee: Brian Fleming –Chair, Mari Peele -Vice-Chair, Greg Peele – Treasurer, Rick Heffelfinger –Secretary, Nathan Slusher -Director-At-Large
    Voting Members: Robert Klimkowski
    Visitor:, George Lebovitz
  3. Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)
    Quorum was met
  4. Approval and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion to approve the agenda passed unanimously.
  5. Approval of the Minutes
    Motion to approve the minutes from the August 2021 Business Meeting passed unanimously.
  6. Officer Reports

Director At Large Report – Nathan Slusher

  • Working Gala planning and organizing.
  • Facebook numbers: crossed over 1200 followers. Likes continue to grow as well
  • Spoke at the Titusville budget meeting. Completed Titusville meeting report.

Secretary Report – Rick Heffelfinger

  • 6 eligible voters present at meeting. 2 members not in attendance would also have been qualified to vote. 309 registered in our Mail chimp database.
  • Welcome email Mailchimp campaign to all registered Libertarians and 1st Gala announce Mailchimp campaign went out this past month with approximately 100 opens per campaign.
  • Since last month 2 new people joined the Meetup group.

Treasurer Report – Greg Peele

  • Financials:
    o Total donations for last month: $1377.38
    o Total Current Monthly Pledges: $230.50
    o Expenditures last month $367.65 ($321 of it was Gala venue deposit)
  • Banking Fees $46.65
    o Total balance of all accounts: $2,497.75
    o Gala raised $721.38 and spent $346.26
  • 2021 3rd Quarter Treasurer Report due on October 12th .
  • #launchliberty Twitter account that started in March. Up to 69 followers.
  • Worked with Vice Chair on PayPal forms. Updated to accept contributions from businesses, PACs, other LPF branches, and candidates.
  • Investigated political Campaign finance rules relating to auctions and interactions with PACs. Still working to clarify auction items donation issues. PACs depend on whether they are a state or federal.
  • Continue working to get Facebook approval for purchasing ads.
  • Will be changing the credentials on the paypal to allow payments directly from paypal. This will require an identify validation.

Vice Chair – Mari Peele

  • Continue to develop web and Facebook content to support Gala. Donation form has also been updated to prevent access to the donate screen if all required data has not been input.
  • Timeline for the Gala evening is in-work.

Chair – Brian Flemming

  • LPF convention committee proposed the Osceola site as the venue for the State convention. The LPF EC rejected the proposal. Will restart the search for a venue. Conversations with the Holiday Inn on Wickham have been started.
  • Was finally able to get in touch with Keep Brevard Beautiful about adopting a park. A list of parks has been provided to the EC along with a Google map from the Vice chair. All EC members are to submit three they would like for consideration. Fee is $75 per year (see motion to authorize expenditure later in theses minutes).
  • Researching request from Brevard resident for information about any LP youth programs. Will continue to engage about what we may be able to do to help get something going.
  • Researching request from a possibly out-of-state individual asking questions about County Constitution. Have received some info from the individual and will get back to them after looking over the info provided.
  1. Unfinished Business:
  • State convention planning
  • 25 thru 27 February 2022.
  • See notes under Chair report.
  • LPBC convention planning.
  • Current planning is to have it at Cape Royal 2nd floor. The Chairman will contact the building manager to discuss availability.
  • The convention will occur on Saturday, January 8, 2022
  • November Golden Liberty Gala event Planning.
  • The Second milestone of selection and funding catering needs to occur during this meeting in order to meet schedule.
  • Cost, capacity, amenities, catering, and pro’s and con’s were discussed for each.
  1. New business
  • Motion 2021-09: Motion to pay $75 out of the Party’s account to adopt a park as part of the Keep Brevard Beautiful Program
    Mover: Brian Fleming
    Motion: I move to pay the Keep Brevard Beautiful program $75 annually to sponsor a park in Brevard County. The Park will be chosen in the 2021’s 4th quarter by the Chair. We will also advertise for a volunteer to administer/organize cleanup of the selected park. This will stay into effect until the LPBC Executive Council feels that it is no longer beneficial to the affiliate.

Motion to remove the word “annually” passed unanimously.
Disposition: Seconded by Mari Peele and passed unanimously.

  • Motion 2021-10: Liberty Gala Expenditures
    Mover: Nathan Slusher
    Motion: I hereby move to approve expenditures up to $1,000 for costs directly related to the 2021 Golden Liberty Gala to included services or goods applied to the event. Including but not limited to musicians, audio and video services, and supplies. And NOT to include venue cost, and catering cost. All expenses to be approved by the Libertarian Party of Brevard County treasurer and Liberty Gala committee prior to expense.

Disposition: Seconded by Greg Peele and passed unanimously.

  • Motion 2021-11: Liberty Gala Catering
    Mover: Nathan Slusher
    Motion: I hereby move to approve the expenditure of up to $____________ directly relating to catering for the 2021 Golden Liberty Gala on November 10th, 2021.

Motion was made by Greg Peele to postpone motion 2021-11 to a special EC meeting to be called by the Chair prior to October 1, 2021. Seconded by Rick Heffelfinger and passed unanimously.

  1. Notice & Announcement
  • The next monthly meeting will be:
    o Monday October 18th at 6:30pm
    o Cape Royal Professional Business Center
    1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 330
    Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
  • No future Social planned
  1. LP/LPF News
  2. Summary/Action Item List
  3. Adjournment
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM (or thereabouts) by Chair – Brian Fleming
    Minutes prepared by: Rick Heffelfinger