July 2021 Business Meeting Minutes – Approved

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  1. Call to Order
    The regular business meeting of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, Fl. was called to order at 6:43 PM by Chair – Brian Fleming
  2. Present:
    Executive Committee: Brian Fleming –Chair, Mari Peele -Vice-Chair, Greg Peele – Treasurer, Rick Heffelfinger –Secretary, Nathan Slusher -Director-At-Large
    Voting Members: Thai Heller
    Visitor:, Marcos Murrero, Fritz Neumann, Dennis Misigoy
  3. Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)
    Quorum was met
  4. Approval and Adoption of Agenda
    Motion to approve the agenda passed unanimously.
  5. Approval of the Minutes
    Motion to approve the minutes from the June 2021 Business Meeting passed unanimously.
  6. Officer Reports
    Director At Large Report – Nathan Slusher
    • Highest facebook growth month to date. City and County meeting reports drawing the most attention.
    • Largest political group in the parade with 32 marching. Gained 19 followers the day of the parade. Only spent $109 for the event therefore it was a large return on investment.
    • Along with other meetings Nathan would like to add Palm Bay to the meeting attendance circuit.
    • Sign beautification plan for Titusville as an example of community service. Brian will create an event and a call for volunteers.

Secretary Report – Rick Heffelfinger
• Currently have 10 eligible voters and 18 registered in our Mail chimp database. Most recent mail campaign advertising the meeting was opened by 11 of the 18.
• Currently working content of welcome email to be used for campaign to all registered libertarians.
• Made request to work toward driving more people to register via web page from Facebook. Currently we try to include the web address in postings but the click rate is very low. Possible solutions are to add a sign up button.

Treasurer Report – Greg Peele
• Financials:
o Total donations for last month: $100.00 cash. $175.00 electronically
o Total Current Monthly Pledges: $125.00
o Expenditures last month $280.45
 Banking Fees $6.84
 Printing costs $57.61
 Email verification $16.00
 Event registration (parade) $50.00
 Event supplies (region kit) $150.00
 Total expenditures for May 2021: $99.61
o Total balance of all accounts: $1,586.08
• 2021 2nd Quarter Treasurer Report submitted on-time and without issue.
• 2021 3rd Quarter Treasurer Report due on October 12th .
• Reported on other party and PAC contributions.
• Started #launchliberty Twitter account in March. Currently have 49 followers.
• Still working for a solution to make sure donation information is captured. Stripe has the same integration limitations as PayPal and will not be pursued. For now, the website will stay the same and further research will be needed.
• Working to get Facebook approval for purchasing ads. Went through organizational validation by submitting SOE report and bank statement. Email and phone number have already been validated.
Vice Chair – Mari Peele
• Gave update on the increase in registered libertarian votes in Brevard County – up by 4. Started with 1900 in January. Currently at 1965.
• Future effort required to continue to develop a strategy/plan to approach NPAs using text and email.
• Never bounce email verification of April data from SOE completed and provided to Secretary. 54% of email addresses are Gmail. Marcos informed the group that the region has a G drive that contains the SOE voter data.
Chair – Brian Flemming
• Believes planning is the key to good events. We need to plan thoroughly to make sure we can communicate the details.
• Attended gun show with Osceola. Fundraising for Joe Hannoush
• Working to get more info on IRL from Kimberly. Planning to meet within the next couple of weeks and will report out.
• Keep Brevard Beautiful has still not gotten back about adopting a park. Will call again.
• Meet with Marcos Marrero, Dennis Misigoy (US Senate Candidate), and Nat (Vice Chair of Osceola) in Osceola.

  1. Unfinished Business:
  2. New business

• Chili cookoff
o Brevard hosting of September’s Regional Chili cookoff planning is tabled. Richard Perez was unable to attend the meeting.
o Marco is working with Osceola to consider taking over the event and hosting in Osceola.
• State convention planning.
o 25 thru 27 February 2022.
o Brian emailed the Palm (hosted convention in 2017) and has not heard back.
o Need venue ideas for 200.
o Nathan mentioned the Cape Canaveral Convention Center (Radison).
o Fritz mentioned Marriot on the NASA causeway is a possible to explore.
o Need a venue selected and under contract by August 1st.
 State Guidelines for venue selection will be out on Wednesday.
 County that is selected to hosts will need to meet volunteer criteria to support the event.
 County selected to host will receive funds from state via a state wide convention fundraiser.

• LPBC convention planning.
o Current planning is to have it at Cape Royal 2nd floor.
• November Campaign Fund Raising event Planning.
o Would serve as an announcement and fund raiser for all Brevard campaigns for 2022. Include Entertainment, speakers.
o Opportunity for all candidates to speak and fundraise. Donations to County and to individual candidates.
o Danielle Liberty has already volunteered to help.
o Desire to host at unique location and have it be themed not just a standard convention facility.
 Exploration tower will be investigated as an option.
o Dennis Misigoy suggested that a list of potential donors be identified and targeted for an RSVP feeler. He also recommended a text campaign to get a higher audience.
o RSVP and prior ticket sales need to be planned.
o All donations prior to the event will be used to offset cost of the LPBC throwing the Gig. Attendees will then be encouraged to donate to the candidates that attend.
o Need to be ready to role out advertising and RSVPs by September
o Milestone set for September 1 to have locations, some speakers, some entertainment, and expected attendance/size. If milestone met, rollout will occur on September 11th .
• Marco reported that the total collection for the regional event kit will be $600 ($150 from each county. Brevard and Orange have already paid). Until the Region Kit purchase occurs, the region 9 counties will have access to the materials from the convention committee (tablecloth, banner, pens, and buttons). Event literature will be provided by each participating county.
• Marcos asked for items we would like him to take up the ladder to state.
o Brian asked for better communication and messaging.
o Facebook data is not helpful.
o Would like to get more legislative info out of Tallahassee.
• Marco reported that there is now a region 9 G drive.
• Dennis Misigoy gave us a brief overview of his planned campaign for US Senate in 2022. Information on his campaign can be found at https://www.misigoy.com/

  1. Notice & Announcement

• Due to lack of EC member availability to support the normal 3rd Monday of the month, the next monthly meeting will be:
o Monday August 9th at 6:30pm
o Cape Royal Professional Business Center
1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 330
Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
• No future Social planned

  1. LP/LPF News
  2. Summary/Action Item List
  3. Adjournment
    • Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm. by Chair – Brian Fleming
    Minutes prepared by: Rick Heffelfinger