June 2021 Business Meeting Minutes – Approved

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Called to order at 7pm

The Chair appointed Mari Peele to serve as interim Secretary for the meeting.

Nathan Slusher motioned to approve the agenda; it was seconded by Greg Peele and passed unanimously.

Nathan Slusher motioned to approve the minutes from the May 2021 Business Meeting. The motion was seconded by Greg Peele and passed unanimously.

Director At Large Report – Nathan Slusher

  • Attended Candidate training at the LPF convention.
    • Spike Cohen was the presenter.
    • The focus was on growing your base by providing value and building on brand.
  • Conducted weekly or biweekly candidate meetings with willing candidates.
  • Facebook followers have grown by 122 followers since the last meeting.
  • Planning a live show podcast starting June 26th and running every Saturday at 7pm.
    • Episode one will feature Rob Klimkowski and Richard Perez.
    • Episode two will feature a debate between veterans to coincide with Independence Day.
  • Planning a fundraising event for possibly November.
  • American Legion Independence Day Parade in Melbourne.
    • $50 entrance fee
    • Volunteers need to march
    • Vehicles need

Treasurer Report – Greg Peele

  • Financials:
    • Total donations for May 2021: $85.00
    • Total Current Monthly Pledges: $100.00
    • Expenditures
      • Banking Fees $3.62
      • PO Box $72.00
      • New Checks $23.99
      • Total expenditures for May 2021: $99.61
    • Total balance of all accounts: $1,599.50
  • 2021 2nd Quarter Treasurer Report Due July 10th.
  • Obtained new checks
  • Reimbursed the Secretary for the PO Box
  • Got Facebook authorization form notarized for purchasing ads.
  • LPF Convention
    • A constitutional amendment passed within the state party clarifying procedures for nominating candidates. The passing of this amendment eliminates the need for the county party to pass similar measures.

Vice Chair – Mari Peele

  • Gave update on the increase in registered libertarian votes in Brevard County.
  • Conducted research on website integration of Stripe, PayPal, and Anedot. Preliminary conclusion is that Stripe has the same integration limitations as PayPal. For now, the website will stay the same and further research will be needed.
  • Still working on email verification.
  • Presented a request from the affiliates in Region 9 to contribute to a region-wide event kit.
    • The initial budget and planning were conducted by three Region 9 Vice Chair’s at the request of the Region 9 Representative, Marcos Diego Marrero.
    • Two budgetary figures were presented:
      • Base budget:
        • $785 total for the region
        • $196.25 per affiliate
      • Stretch budget:
        • $1375.00 total for the region
        • $343.75 per affiliate
    • Participation is voluntary and with a goal of helping the region grow by having volunteers work events in each county.

Chair – Brian Flemming

  • Attended LPF Convention Affiliate Training
  • Served on the 2021 LPF Convention Committee
    • Volunteered to continue serving on the committee for 2022.
    • Started researching future convention proposals for Osceola and Brevard County.
  • New business meeting schedule and location
    • 3rd Monday of the month at 6:30pm
    • Cape Royal Professional Business Center
      1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 330
      Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
    • Next meeting will be July 19th
  • No June Social planned
  • Discussed the Independence Day Parade in Melbourne.
  • Will possibly attend a fundraising dinner on July 17th.
  • Discussion on potential booth/tabling events
  • Still trying to get a response from Keep Brevard Beautiful.
  • In the process of testing a contactless business card.
  • Will talk to Polk County about using text messaging for outreach.
  • Discussed keeping our social media posting focused on local issues rather than national.
  • Discussed creating affiliate support documents.

Announcement: Petitions for Joe Hannoush for Congress are available for signature.

New Business

  • Motion 2021-05: Motion to Establish Standing Rules with Written Motions and Notice
    • Mover: Greg Peele
    • Text: I move to create the LPBC Standing Rules as a subordinate governing document to the LPBC Bylaws and adopted parliamentary authority with the following initial content:
    • Standing Rules
      Article I: Meetings
      Section I: All Motions Submitted in Writing
      New business including main motions, resolutions, appointments, confirmations, and amendments to governing documents must be submitted in writing to the Secretary prior to consideration. Motions to amend the substantive text of any main motion, resolution, or amendment to governing documents must also be submitted in writing to the Secretary prior to consideration of the amendment.

Section II: New Business Limited to Adopted Agenda
New business submitted in writing by an LPBC voting member to the Secretary no later than 4 days prior to a regular business meeting shall be included on that meeting’s proposed agenda. New business may also be added to the agenda prior to adoption at the regular business meeting by a motion to amend the agenda. New business must be on the adopted agenda to be considered during a regular business meeting.

  • Disposition: Seconded by Mari Peele and passed unanimously.
  • Motion 2021-07(Floor Motion): Independence Day Parade
    • Mover: Nathan Slusher
    • Text: I hereby Motion to make a $50 donation to the American Legion Site 163 for Access to be in the July 4th Parade 2021 of Melbourne Fl.
    • Disposition: The motion was presented in writing to the Interim Secretary and adopted in the agenda by unanimous consent. Greg Peele seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
  • Motion 2021-06: Region 9 Event Kit
    • Mover: Mari Peele
    • Text: I move to authorize the expenditure of $343.75 for the LPF Region 9 Event Kit.
    • Disposition:
      • Seconded by Brian Flemming.
      • Motion to postpone by Rob Klimkowski, 2nd by Richard Perez.
        • Motion failed: 1 aye, 4 nay
      • Motion to Amend:
        • Mover: Nathan Slusher
        • Text: I move to amend the motion to change $343.75 to $150.00.
        • Seconded by Mari Peele.
        • Disposition: Passed unanimously.
      • Amended motion text: I move to authorize the expenditure of $150.00 for the LPF Region 9 Event Kit.
      • Amended motion passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn by Mari Peele was seconded and pass unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.

Next meeting:

          July 19th, 2021, 6:30pm

Cape Royal Professional Business Center
1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 330
Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931

Minutes prepared by: Mari Peele