June 2021 Business Meeting Agenda

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This draft agenda is subject to approval by the voting membership.

● Sign in
● Meet-and-Greet

Call to Order
Roll Call
● Chair
● Vice-Chair
● Treasurer
● Secretary
● Director-At-Large
Determination of Quorum
Approval of Agenda
Approval of last meeting minutes
Approve Minutes from 5/19/2021
Officer Reports (2 minutes each)
● Chair
● Vice-Chair
● Treasurer
● Secretary
● Director-At-Large
Unfinished Business:

New Business:
Title: Motion to Establish Standing Rules with Written Motions and Notice
Mover: Greg Peele
Motion: I move to create the LPBC Standing Rules as a subordinate governing document to the LPBC Bylaws and adopted parliamentary authority with the following initial content:

Standing Rules
Article I: Meetings
Section I: All Motions Submitted in Writing
New business including main motions, resolutions, appointments, confirmations, and amendments to governing documents must be submitted in writing to the Secretary prior to consideration. Motions to amend the substantive text of any main motion, resolution, or amendment to governing documents must also be submitted in writing to the Secretary prior to consideration of the amendment.

Section II: New Business Limited to Adopted Agenda
New business submitted in writing by an LPBC voting member to the Secretary no later than 4 days prior to a regular business meeting shall be included on that meeting’s proposed agenda. New business may also be added to the agenda prior to adoption at the regular business meeting by a motion to amend the agenda. New business must be on the adopted agenda to be considered during a regular business meeting.

Title: Motion to Authorize Funds for Region 9 Event Kit
Mover: Mari Peele
Motion: I move to authorize the expenditure of $343.75 for the LPF Region 9 Event Kit.

Notice & Announcement
■ Next Mtg Date & Location:
■ Next Social Date & Locations:

Summary/Action Item List